AIX useful comands (02.12.2015)
cfgmgr - update fc-devices (~ forcelip + devfsadm)
lsdev -C -c disk - list disk type devices
lsattr -El hdisk - device attributes
chdev -l hdisk -a queue_depth=8;chdev -l hdisk -a max_transfer=0x200000 - tune lun for Veritas SF

Tapes (IBM Tape Library):
installp -acXd ~distrib/Atape/Atape. Atape.driver - IBM tape drive driver
lsdev -C -c tape - now drives should display as IBM 3580 Ultrium Tape Drive

If cfgmgr don't make new rmt devices after cleaning, but all is correct:
rmdev -Rl fscsi5 - now fscsi and it's children are shown as Defined
cfgmgr -vl fscsi5

for i in {0..19}; do rmdev -dl rmt$i; done - remove rmt-devices

lsdev -p fscsi2 - child devices of controller (luxadm -e dump_map)
lscfg -vl fcs5 | grep Address - how adapter wwn

Dynamic tracking between fscsi and rmt should be off:
chdev -l fscsi0 -a dyntrk=no -P

Expand (extend) local filesystem:
lslv hd10opt | grep -i group - in which disk group it is
lsvg rootvg | grep -i free - free space in group
chfs -a size=5G /opt - extend TO size
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